The Equity Shares of the Company are compulsorily traded in demat form with effect from 28th August 2000. The share holders who have not yet dematerialized their shares are requested to dematerialize their shares by opening DP Account with nearest Depository Participants at the earliest to avail the benefits of dematerialization.

The total number of shares dematerialized as on 31st March 2006 are 3,14,63,098 shares representing 78.22% of the total shares.

Shareholders holding shares in electronic form may kindly note that their Bank Account details as furnished by their Depositories to the Company will be printed on their Dividend Warrants as per the applicable regulations of the Depositories and the Company will not entertain any direct request from such shareholders for deletion of/change in such Bank details. Further, instructions, if any, already given by them in respect of shares held in physical form will not be automatically applicable to shares held in electronic mode. Shareholders who wish to change such Bank Account details are therefore requested to advise their Depository Participants about such change, with complete details of Bank Account and not to the Company.


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