The Cutting and Polishing of diamonds is a highly labour intensive process, which demands a significant level of skill and attention in detail on the part of the worker. Each small diamond has to be processed individually and due to the small size and high cost of raw material being processed “rough diamonds” or “roughs” – a great deal of accuracy is required. Constant supervision to ensure minimum wastage and constant vigilance to prevent any pilferage is essential. A successful diamond processing operation demands highly skilled labour operation within a closely supervised and efficiently structured manufacturing environment with excellent management information system to ensure adequate controls and a high quality product.


The company employs the latest technology available in the world to manufacture Gold Jewellery. The manufacturing facility can be compared with any Jewellery manufacturing company in Europe and USA. The process employed is called the ‘Lost Wax Process’ of art metal casting for manufacturing diamonds and coloured stones in-laid alloy gold jewellery.

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