Mr. Jatin R. Mehta promoted the Company in its former name- Su-Raj Diamonds (India) Limited in the year 1985 On 31st October, 2001, the Company's name was changed to
Su-Raj Diamonds and Jewellery Limited and on 27th June, 2012, the Company's name has been changed to its present name 'Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Limited'.
Came out with a public issue in 1986 – The first Company in Indian
Diamond industry - Issue Size was Rs.4.7 Crores.
Rights issue (at 1:1`) in 1989 - Issue size was Rs.28.52 Crores.
Bonus Issue (at 1:1`) in 1994 – Capitalisation of Rs. 10 Crores.
Public cum Rights issue (at 1:1`) in 1994 – Issue size was Rs.166 Crores.
4th Net foreign Exchange Earner of the Country in 1994-95.
Diversification into Jewellery Business in a major way and change of name
in 2001-02.
Premier Trading House
CRISIL's Rating is A1.
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